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An Illustrated Weekly of World Design, 24 April 2012

Look; everyone in Copenhagen rides bicycles so it's no wonder that a couple of Danish designers have developed really cool looking bike head and tail lights. The big idea is that the lights are magnetic, so you just click them onto the metal frame. The lights switch on when they're stuck onto the bike and they switch off when removed. Sadly there are no images of the lights at the manufacturer's site, Copenhagen Parts, but you can see them at David Report

If you haven’t entered this year's Core77 Design Awards yet, you can still do it today. The extended deadline means all you have to do is register and start the process. Based on the quality an innovation from last years competitions we are expecting great entries this year. 

The PowerPot is one of those designs that could be useful to people who have irregular access to electricity. The pot is a thermoelectric power generator, transforming the heat from cooking into electricity, so you can charge small electronic devices such as phones or hook it up to LEDs while boiling water. The PowerPot currently has over 150% funding on Kickstarter. Supporters can preorder the product for $125, donate one to Africa for $99 or both for $199. In our experience, that's a pretty expensive pot/light/power socket thingie and we can't help wonder if this is the best way to get the job done. Nonetheless it's a novel idea and we applaud the option to donate so we wish the team the best of luck with the project. 

The lead story in this month’s Harvard Business Review is Managing Your Innovation Portfolio, written by Bansi Nagji and Geoff Tuff of our favourite consultant group - Doblin. The article explores Doblin’s Total Innovation model - a useful tool for executives to plan long and short term goals by developing core, adjacent and transformational innovation.  


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